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The Information and Technology Resources (ITR) department provides the operational support for the College's enterprise technology, fosters institutional renewal through innovative technology, and collaborates with internal and external groups to advance instructional and business intelligence technology for the College and the higher education sector. The overarching goals of these efforts are to improve the College's operational efficiency and provide progressive, responsive technology and technical services to the campus community.


The Hartnell Technology Master Plan aims to position Hartnell College as a technology leader among community colleges while supporting the College's efforts to provide excellent postsecondary education that serves the needs of students, the College and the community. We endeavor:

  • To be a crucial asset and partner providing a significant educational advantage through the deployment of high quality computing and information services.
  • To provide our users with the ability to securely access college educational technology services and information from anywhere at anytime.
  • To implement a flexible computing environment that enables our educational community members to easily interact.
  • To create a computing environment that enables rapid adoption of learning technologies.
  • To create a computing environment where users attain self-­‐sufficiency in their use of technology.
  • To organize our staff to rapidly learn new skills and technology.
  • To create collaborative organizational teams to achieve common goals.


To report a problem or make a request for help, use the menu item "ITR Support" to the left side of the page. You can also check on the status of your trouble ticket using that menu link.