Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness

The purpose of the Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness (IPRE) is to ensure that the college accomplishes its mission, that students achieve success, and that institutional improvement remain ongoing. To this end, the Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness coordinates activities pertaining to - and provides information that supports - the planning, administration, and evaluation of academic and administrative units.


Mission Statement

Focusing on the education and workforce development needs of communities in the Salinas Valley, Hartnell College strengthens communities by providing educational opportunities for students to reach career and/or academic goals (associate degrees, certificates of achievement, transfer to four-year institutions) in an environment committed to student learning, achievement and success.

Vision Statement

Hartnell College students will be prepared to contribute as leaders to the intellectual, social, cultural, and economic vitality of our communities and the world.

Goals for IPRE Office 2013 - 2018

1. To steward effective institutional planning toward fulfilling the college mission and meeting strategic priorities and goals.

2. To strengthen institutional effectiveness toward ongoing documented performance measurement against the college mission and strategic priorities and goals.

3. To encourage and support data driven decisions across the college.


 IPRE Office Goal Attainment 2013 - 2018