Faculty & Staff Personal Pages

Faculty and Staff Personal Page Listings

First Name Last Name Ext Position Area Location Email
Maria Garcia Teutsch 831.755-6943 Languages & Fine Arts B - Student Services mteutsch@hartnell.edu
(Maria) Adriana Magallanes 831-770-6125 Program Assistant I Hartnell College Main Campus mmagallanes@hartnell.edu
Adriana Gonzalez Sebastian 831-755-6723 Program Assistant Hartnell College Main Campus agonzalezsebastian@hartnell.edu
Albert Graham III 831-759-6088 Lead Faculty Advanced Technology & Applied Science Hartnell College Alisal Campus agraham@hartnell.edu
Alejandra Carrillo 831-755-6035 Program Assistant II Student Success Hartnell College Alisal Campus acarrillo@hartnell.edu
Alejandra Carrillo (831) 759-6007 Program Assistant acarrillo@hartnell.edu
Alexander Edens (831) 770-7055 Instructor Biological Science S - STEM Center Building aedens@hartnell.edu
Alexandra Moreno 831-759-6054 Assessment Technician Student Success B - Student Services amoreno@hartnell.edu
Alfred Muñoz 831-755-6914 Interim Vice President of Administrative Services Hartnell College Main Campus amunoz@hartnell.edu
Alfred Muñoz Interim Vice President, Administrative Services E - College Administration (South)
Alicia Ramirez (831) 755-6875 Administrative Assistant III Math, Science & Engineering S - STEM Center Building aramirez@hartnell.edu
Alicia Steinhardt Use email to communicate with this instructor. Science Activity Director Math, Science & Engineering asteinhardt@hartnell.edu
Amy Barret-Burnett 831-755-6760 DSP&S Counselor Student Affairs B - Student Services aburnett@hartnell.edu
Amy Taketomo 831-755-6886 Chemistry Instructor Math, Science & Engineering S - STEM Center Building ataketomo@hartnell.edu
Ana Martinez-Aguilar 831-755-6723 Office of Special Programs, Program Assistant Student Affairs D - College Administration (North) amartinez-aguilar@hartnell.edu
Ana Valles (831) 755-6811 Scholarship Assistant/Financial Aid Technician Student Affairs B - Student Services avalles@hartnell.edu
Andrea Zarate 831-755-6885 Early Childhood Instructor Early Childhood Education J - Visual Arts azarate@hartnell.edu
Andrew Lindsey (831)-755-6913 Planetarium Coordinator Math, Science & Engineering S - 101: Hartnell College Planetarium alindsey@hartnell.edu