College-Wide Ethics Policy

Inherent in the Hartnell College Code of Ethics, developed with input from faculty, staff, and management, is the belief that each employee has the right to dignity and respect.

Hartnell College Professional Code of Ethics.

We, the employees of Hartnell College, agree to act in a responsible and ethical manner by adhering to the principles listed below, by modeling those principles in our everyday lives, and by acting in a way that allows our peers, students, and colleagues to do the same.

We support the following principles:

  • Excellence
  • Fairness
  • Transparency

We are individually accountable for our own actions and as members of the college community are collectively accountable for upholding these standards of behavior and for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

completed February 2008

Inherent in the notion of “excellence” is the belief that we cannot be excellent unless we fully meet the needs of our students and community. To do that requires that we know what those needs are and develop a system for assessing how well our efforts have worked. We must continually refine our data-gathering and planning processes (e.g., student learning outcomes, shared governance, and program planning and assessment), and analyze those findings to set priorities and allocate resources.