Academic Affairs

Welcome to Hartnell Colleges’ Academic Affairs Division. The programs and services offered provide students and the community with a wide variety of learning opportunities and experiences such as obtaining an associate’s degree, transfer degree to a university or improving job skills.

The inventory of services and programs are listed at the left. Search our website extensively. You will undoubtedly discover our engaging curriculum, our unique pedagogical framework, and our incredibly supportive and gifted faculty and staff.

The curriculum is uniquely designed to meet your needs, goals and dreams. Classes are offered through the traditional semester system, convenient on-line classes, hybrid classes and popular 9-week sessions. Classes and services are conveniently offered throughout the Salinas Valley.

Come join us as we, in the spirit of building student success, explore and develop strategies and innovations that empower us to meet the challenges of today and reap the promises of tomorrow.

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Who to contact

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Phone: 831-770−7092
D - College Administration (North)
Office: 103
Building: College Administration (North)
Executive Assistant
Phone: 831-770-7091
D - College Administration (North)
Building: College Administration (North)